Preliminary Program

The seminar will take place in the lecture hall at

BESSY II, Albert-Einstein-Str. 15, 12489 Berlin.

Thursday, October 24th

  9:00Reception opens
10:10G. UlmSynchrotron radiation-based metrology at PTBPTB
10:30H. EnkischOverview of EUV Lithography at Carl Zeiss SMTZeiss
10:50N. BoweringEUV light sources for device development and manufacturingCymer
11:10T. FeiglCoatings and refurbishment of EUV collector mirrorsoptiX fab
12:00F. ScholzeThe new EUV Ellipsometer of PTB
12:20F. SchäfersEllipsometry, polarimetry and reflectometry at BESSY-IIHZB BESSY
12:40K. TiedtkeChallenges for detection of highly intense, ultra-short pulsed VUV/EUV radiation: Photon beam diagnostics at FLASHDESY
14:00N. EsserSpectroscopic Ellipsometry in the UV-VUV spectral range: Instrumentation and ApplicationsISAS
14:20G. RoederThin film analytics with VUV reflectometryIISB
14:40P. TörmäUltra-thin rigid X-ray windows and filters for soft X-raysHSfoils
15:00L. JuschkinEUV spectroscopic reflectometry for thin surface layer characterizationRWTH
15:20R. LebertXUV-Lab-Systems: Achieving precision and accuracies approaching PTB with XUV-SpectrophotometersBruker
15:40K. MannLaser Driven EUV/Soft X-ray Source and Wavefront Measurements at Short WavelengthsLLG
16:00Lab tour & Posters
18:00Get Together Meeting

 Friday, October 25th

8:30L. NanverPureB/PureGaB photodiodes for CMOS-compatible VUV detectors and imagersTU Delft
8:50A. KniggeDevelopment of AlGaN MSM photodetectorsFBH
9:10S. NihtianovVUV/DUV performance of pureB-photodiodesTU Delft
9:30G. MeynantsBackside illuminated CMOS active pixel sensor technology for EUV and NUV wavelength rangesCMOSIS nv
9:50Coffee / Posters
10:20R. Vestcalibration of VUV space-based measurement systemsNIST
10:40A. BenMoussaDevelopments, characterization and proton irradiation damage tests of AlN photodetectors for VUV Solar ObservationsROB
11:00A. JonesVUV calibration of solar spectral irradiance instruments at SURF: A users experienceLASP U Colorado
11:20U. SchühleDesign and space qualification of a VUV telescope mirror for solar observationsMPS
11:40L. WernerInstabilities of the Spectral Responsivity of Photodiodes in the UVPTB
12:50I. MakhotkinRoutine and expert analysis of multilayer mirrorsFOM
13:10A. HaaseDiffuse EUV scattering from rough multilayersPTB
13:30S. SchröderAngle resolved scattering at 193 nm and 13.5 nmIOF
13:50 F. SiewertAchievements and upcoming Challenges on Metrology for Synchrotron opticsHZB BESSY
14:40S. BajtFocusing FEL X-rays with normal incidence opticDESY
15:00S. YulinRecent development of EUV/X-Ray multilayer optics in IOFIOF
15:20S. BraunChallenges with non-periodic multilayer coatings for EUV and X-ray opticsIWS
15:40E. LouisTuning the optical response of multilayer mirrorsFOM